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Talking about coffee means talking about mandatory drinks that are always present in almost every human activity, both in Indonesia and in other countries, both in coffee-producing countries and in countries that do not have coffee plants but coffee still exists there because of the high enjoyment it offers. Coffee, anyone would want to consume quality coffee even though they have to buy it at a fantastic price, even willing to queue for hours just to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Coffee is an energetic drink that not only offers pleasure when consuming it but provides many benefits for human health. Without us realizing it, the enjoyment of the delicious taste of coffee can indirectly provide benefits to the human body, there are so many benefits that coffee can provide, but now we will discuss more about the benefits of coffee for heart health.

Heart Health

The heart is a very, very important organ in the human body, because the heart’s very big task is pumping blood throughout the body, even the heart is also the key to a person’s life because life or not a person is largely determined by the functioning or not of a person’s heart. So it is very necessary special tips to maintain the health of the human heart behind the busyness and the amount of food consumed by humans.

Maintaining heart health does not only need to be done by adults, but starting from children to the elderly, they still have to maintain heart health, in other words, heart health needs to be maintained from an early age. Heart health is influenced by a person’s healthy lifestyle, ranging from unhealthy eating patterns, lack of physical activity, to bad habits such as smoking, it greatly affects heart health.

Heart Disease

Heart health is very important to maintain so that we are not attacked by heart disease or what is commonly called cardiovascular disease and includes blood vessel disease. Heart disease is a condition when the heart is disturbed in carrying out its functions or the heart is not functioning properly. The form of the disorder itself can vary. There are disorders of the heart’s blood vessels, heart rhythm, heart valves, or congenital disorders. Here are some terms in heart disease, namely coronary artery disease (coronary heart disease), namely narrowing of the heart’s blood vessels. Heart infections are infections of the heart caused by bacteria, viruses, or parasites. Heart valve disease is a disorder of one or all four heart valves. Arrhythmias are disorders of the heart rhythm. Congenital heart disease is a heart defect that is present at birth. Cardiomyopathy is a disorder of the heart muscle.

Coffee Maintains Heart Health

Of the many pleasures and benefits offered by coffee, it turns out that coffee can provide very important benefits, namely maintaining human heart health. This benefit is certainly very encouraging for coffee lovers because with the delicious taste that can be enjoyed, coffee can also work to maintain heart health which is a very important organ for humans.

Why Coffee Can Maintain Heart Health?

Reported in mentioned that a new study in the journal American Heart Association Circulation reports that consuming coffee can reduce the risk of heart failure. In fact, data from the Framingham Heart Study found a 5 percent to 12 percent reduction in the risk of heart failure in participants who drank per cup of coffee, compared to those who didn’t drink coffee. The same effect was not found among those who reported drinking decaffeinated coffee, leading researchers to conclude that caffeine is beneficial for heart health. According to the lead researcher, Dr David Kao of the University of Colorado Anshutz Medical School, coffee and caffeine are often considered bad for the heart because people associate them with palpitations due to high blood pressure. “However, a consistent relationship between increased caffeine consumption and a reduced risk of heart failure changes that assumption.”

Another systematic review of 53 studies reported in the journal Circulation found that people who drank about three cups of coffee per day had a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease by more than 10 percent. Meanwhile, this did not happen to people who only drank one to two cups of coffee per day or did not drink at all.

As a natural plant-based beverage, coffee is rich in beneficial antioxidants. One of the main antioxidants in coffee is polyphenols. Numerous studies have shown that polyphenols act as antioxidants to help reduce systemic inflammation and neutralize free radicals to help improve heart health. Polyphenols also offer more protection by improving blood vessel function, increasing good cholesterol, increasing nitric oxide availability to the blood vessels, lowering bad cholesterol, and reducing inflammation.

West Sumatra Coffee From Karpilo ​​Agro

It turns out that there are many benefits of coffee, guys, especially in maintaining heart health, my friend. But keep in mind, consuming coffee must also be adjusted to the condition of the body, don’t overdo it and go along with a healthy lifestyle such as adequate exercise, and more importantly, drink coffee that is really good and processed in the best way. Because coffee that is still natural, comes directly from farmers, and is processed in a traditional way without chemicals, of course it will be very good for consumption by the body and will certainly provide greater benefits for body health, such as robusta coffee from Karpilo ​​Agro which is cultivated well, picked by farmers and processed in the best way without the addition of chemicals. Be a smart coffee connoisseur by always prioritizing quality and health.

Sumatra is indeed quite a contributor to the quantity of robusta coffee in Indonesia. For the Sumatran region itself, not only Robsuta coffee is cultivated, even Arabica and Gayo coffee are also cultivated in Sumatra, as well as in West Sumatra. Coffee lovers in West Sumatra itself have also experienced an increase, the number of coffee shops that are currently standing in West Sumatra has succeeded in attracting the hearts of coffee lovers to just hang out and tell stories there. However, West Sumatran coffee is not only enjoyed by the residents themselves, this West Sumatran Robsuta coffee is also spread throughout Indonesia and has even been exported to meet the coffee needs of the world community, even today there are still many market demands that cannot be met by West Sumatran coffee farmers because of their demand which is so high, but West Sumatra will still strive to be providing the best coffee for every coffee lover in the world.

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