Coffee Product

Kebun Kopi paling atas


Sumatran coffee is indeed famous for being a coffee that is in great demand by most Indonesian people to the world community, even many coffee plantations in Sumatra have been contracted by major world companies. Some of the famous Sumatran coffees are Gayo coffee, Kerinci coffee, Lampung coffee, Bengkulu coffee, and others. Here Karpilo Agro provides coffee needs that are in great demand by the world community, at competitive prices and premium quality because we work directly with Sumatran coffee farmers.


- Lose weight
- Rich in anti-oxidants
- Reduce the risk of chronic diseases: diabetes mellitus
- Increase energy
- Prevent baldness


Grade : 1
Origin : Gayo and Kerinci
Humadity: 12%
Size Been: Mix (7-10)mm
Plantation: 76.000 Ha
Production Capacity: Up to 20 MT a Month
Packaging: 50kg or 100kg Jute Bags (For Green Bean) Plastic or Paper Bag (For Roasted and Powder)