West Sumatra White Tea Can Prevent Obesity

west sumatra tea

What White Tea Is

“Drinking tea” as already attached to most of our activities. Tea became friends on various occasions, both alone and when together. Tea is a perfect match for snacks, welcoming guests, studying or relaxing. However the condition is, of course, we will still get the various benefits of tea. One of the benefits of tea is an antioxidant, namely as an antidote to free radicals, which comes from the polyphenols and catechins present in the tea. White tea is one of many types of tea that have antioxidants. The tea leaves are very young with the tops of the trees still rolling. These leaves have fine hairs which when dried will turn a silvery white color. This is the origin of the name white tea . Apart from being an antioxidant, the benefits of white tea are also to reduce fat levels, of course reducing fat levels is a hope for people who have excess fat or are obese.

Definition Of Obesity

Obesity can strike anyone , no matter children or adults. This can happen because one of the causes is consuming fast food or drinks containing added sugar for a long time, but it can also be caused by consuming too much food but not balancing it with regular exercise. This results in the accumulation of fat in the body because the calories burned are less than the calories in.

Danger Of Obesity

Obesity is not only overweight but also has the characteristics of an increased BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 or more, easy fatigue, joint pain, easy sweating and accumulation of fat in several areas of the body. Regardless of age, children are also likely to be obese, this is characterized by experiencing shortness of breath during physical activity, the presence of fat that has accumulated in the breasts and also the presence of puberty disorders. Judging from the symptoms like this, of course obesity will cause many dangers including the risk of increasing fat in the blood, increasing uric acid, getting gallstones.

Why White Tea Can Prevent Obesity

The young tea leaves in white tea do not undergo fermentation and are still rolled up so they are protected from the sun, this prevents the degradation of polyphenols. A study explained that white tea extract which contains caffeine and is rich in polyphenolic compounds with the highest catechin derivatives than other teas can improve blood lipid profiles for weight loss. Other studies have also shown that catechins and caffeine can increase thermogenesis in fat and calorie expenditure. The ingredients in white tea allow it to be a cure for obesity and it is possible to prevent it.

West Sumatra Tea (White Tea)

West Sumatra Tea

West Sumatra is one of the provinces in Indonesia that produces quite a lot of tea. West Sumatra tea is also in great demand by the domestic community to the world community. In recent years, west Sumatran tea has been routinely exported to several Asian countries to Europe to help meet the tea needs of the world community. This tea in West Sumatra is directly processed by professionals, sophisticated machines, and trained workers. In picking the leaves, we still use human power so that the tea leaves that are taken are really good and the leaves are selected so that the tea obtained is of good quality.

West Sumatra is included in the category of the top five largest tea producers in Indonesia. One of the tea gardens in West Sumatra has a land area of about 2,025 hectares and is the largest garden in the world. Production can reach approximately 4800 tons per year, 10 percent of which is for imports, and 350 kg is white tea production . West Sumatra is usually called the place that has the best standard of tea taste, because it only processes shoots that have three leaves where these shoots have a special subtlety of taste.

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