Drinking Tea Can Improve Brain Performance

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West Sumatera Tea

Drinking tea has become a tradition carried out by many people since ancient times, both the Indonesian people and the world community. In Indonesia itself, tea is not only used for breakfast but also used as a drink when eating rice because it is very delicious to eat accompanied by a cup of tea. It turns out that this exciting habit has many benefits for the body, not only for body health, even for beauty, tea is also a mainstay of the world community. Now, let’s talk about health first. In addition to avoiding the risk of heart disease, tea also improves the performance of the human brain. Now the brain which is the most important part of the human body certainly has a very large role in human life, so that the increase or decrease in the performance of the human brain will have an impact on human life. So what is the brain?

Understanding The Brain

The human brain is in the skull, the brain structure consists of the cortex, cerebellum, limbic system, and brain system. In terms of weight, the brain is an organ with a lightweight structure, which is about three pounds. However, the brain can control all functions of the human body such as controlling breathing, heart flow, digestion, and hormone secretion and excretion. The brain is the part of the human central nervous system, which is responsible for interpreting external information and controlling thought, speech, memory, movement, and responding to any stimuli. Indeed, the brain has a very, very important role in human life so it is very necessary.

Improve Brain Performance by Drinking Tea

One of the most beneficial habits is drinking tea. Research reveals that consuming tea regularly can help maintain brain health, even consuming brain tea will work optimally even though you are old. This is because tea contains high antioxidants that can protect themselves from pollution and free radicals. Not only improving brain performance consuming tea can also reduce stress so that it can help humans avoid cardiovascular problems such as heart attacks and strokes. As reported by the health site, there are several functions of tea for the brain including:

1. Increase Focus

A study published in the journal of neuropharmacology said that daily consumption of tea can overcome fatigue and improve concentration. This will certainly make people stay focused in carrying out their activities.

2. Increase Creativity

Tea is also a drink that contains an amino acid called theanine which is useful for improving brain performance in solving problems so that it can make someone creative in dealing with existing problems. Of course, this is very helpful for humans who are always faced with various kinds of problems in life.

3. Make Humans Multitasking

Being someone who can do many things is certainly the desire of every human being because, with so many things that can be done, of course, you can make a lot of money. Now by consuming tea, a person can be multitasking because tea contains theanine which can stimulate alpha waves in the brain. This wave is closely related to relaxation. In addition, the caffeine in tea can also make you more alert and attentive so that the combination of all of them allows you to do many things effectively at once.

4. Keep People Alert

A study published in psychopharmacology revealed that the presence of caffeine in tea can increase alertness. You can get a number of these benefits from consuming tea regularly. Therefore, make tea one of your drink choices when working to get more optimal results.

West Sumatera Tea, Indonesia

West Sumatera Tea

West Sumatra is one of the provinces in Indonesia that produces quite a lot of tea. West Sumatra tea is also in great demand by the domestic community to the world community. In recent years, west Sumatran tea has been routinely exported to several Asian countries to Europe to help meet the tea needs of the world community. This tea in West Sumatra is directly processed by professionals, sophisticated machines, and trained workers. In picking the leaves, we still use human power so that the tea leaves that are taken are really good and the leaves are selected so that the tea obtained is of good quality.

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