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A : Quality and honesty is our main key. We are here not only to do business, but we are here to help you to solve your problems to get genuine and quality natural products that cannot be found in any country.

A : Nature is the source of life, and natural products that are truly pure will certainly be more needed for your body

A : Because the robusta coffee produced is proven to be genuine without preservatives and processed traditionally so that the content is more awake.

A :Palm sugar is proven to have a delicious taste and its content is very beneficial for the body.

A : Because our tea is produced from our own garden, processed by professionals and guaranteed quality because we have sent a lot to European, Asian, and other customers

A : We try to provide the best products, the best packaging, and the best service for customers

A : Please WA 0851-5937-4467 or send E-mail to

Karpilo Agro

Our tea is produced from our own garden, we process it with professional staff and modern tools, and we really prioritize quality. Our tea is also HACCP certified which of course cleanliness and quality is guaranteed to meet all of your needs