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Karpilo Agro is the official brand of PT. Uninica Karpilo Universal which is currently a Company capable of exporting agriculture products, especially Tea and Coffee. Our Tea and Coffee have often been exported to foreign countries such as Europe and Asia.

Value :

Kapilo Agro products come directly from farmers, gardens that are cared for wholeheartedly, traditional processing techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation, so that the purity and content of the product is maintained.

24. Coffee and Palm Sugar


Improving the health of the world community through original and quality natural products


  1. Commitment to help the world community to get original natural products, free from harmful chemicals, maintained in its beauty, cared for wholeheartedly, and useful for health
  2. Provide safe and reliable services to the destination area

karpilo Agro

Our Key Features


Karpilo Agro maintains integrity as it is the most valuable asset and cannot be compromised. We tell the truth, keep our promises and treat others with fairness and respect


Karpilo Agro has high quality and structured to help everyone fulfil their needs optimally


Karpilo Agro is committed to helping customers with the best way, best products and optimal services. We really appreciate the opportunity given by customers to help each other and corporate optimally

karpilo Agro

Our Product which are certainly very good for health

Kebun Kopi paling atas


– Lose weight
– Rich in anti-oxidants
– Prevent baldness, etc

Indonesian green tea

Green tea

– Prevents the risk of heart disease
– Prevent cancer
– Prevent diabetes risk
– Maintain blood pressure, etc

Indonesian black tea

Black Tea

– Maintain heart health
– Prevent obesity
– Control diabetes, etc

white tea

white Tea

– Prevent obesity
– Repair damaged cells
– Fight cancer cells, etc

Karpilo Agro

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so that natural products from West Sumatra are still original and far from chemical substances.

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Karpilo Agro Product

Local Product

This product comes from West Sumatra and is still original and far from chemicals.


the original natural products that the body needs to increase the body's resistance to disease.


Health is expensive and healthy is the most valuable treasure.

Many Benefits

the body becomes healthy and smooth in carrying out activities

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Healthy With Nature

karpilo Agro

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A : Quality and honesty is our main key. We are here not only to do business, but we are here to help you to solve your problems to get genuine and quality natural products that cannot be found in any country.

A : Nature is the source of life, and natural products that are truly pure will certainly be more needed for your body

A : Because the robusta coffee produced is proven to be genuine without preservatives and processed traditionally so that the content is more awake.

A : Because our tea is produced from our own garden, processed by professionals and guaranteed quality because we have sent a lot to European, Asian, and other customers

A : We try to provide the best products, the best packaging, and the best service for customers

A : Please WA 0851-5937-4467 or send E-mail to official@karpiloagro.com