Coffee Can Increase Hair Growth

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West Sumatera's Coffee

Hair is everyone’s crown, and hair beauty is also something that everyone pays attention to because the first benchmark for us to know that person is from his hair because hair is the highest among all members of the body, so it’s not surprising that many people are willing to pay dearly for it. Hair care.

However, many people still face hair problems, such as hair loss, dandruff, dry hair, and so on, but many young people also experience hair loss and go bald.

Now the caffeine contained in coffee is able to answer this hair problem, based on research several years ago, caffeine can help based on a study several years ago, caffeine can help block the effects of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in hair follicles. What is DHT? Dht itself is a hormone that can cause baldness.

Several studies have also revealed that caffeine can lengthen the hair shaft, and produce longer and wider hair roots while prolonging the duration of anagen which is the stage of hair growth. In addition, coffee also stimulates the growth of keratin which is an important protein for hair follicles. Increased keratin will stimulate matrix cells to divide so that hair grows faster.

West Sumatera's Coffee

West Sumatra Coffee From Karpilo Agro

Sumatra is indeed quite a contributor to the quantity of robusta coffee in Indonesia. For the Sumatran region itself, not only Robusta coffee is cultivated, even Arabica and Gayo coffee are also cultivated in Sumatra, as well as in West Sumatra. Coffee lovers in West Sumatra itself have also experienced an increase, the number of coffee shops that are currently standing in West Sumatra has succeeded in attracting the hearts of coffee lovers to just hang out and tell stories there. However, West Sumatran coffee is not only enjoyed by the residents themselves, this West Sumatran Robsuta coffee is also spread throughout Indonesia and has even been exported to meet the coffee needs of the world community, even today there are still many market demands that cannot be met by West Sumatran coffee farmers because of their demand which is so high, but West Sumatra will still strive to be providing the best coffee for every coffee lover in the world.

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