You know, Coffee can relieve sleepiness, but not for everyone

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Coffee, which is famous for its caffeine content, is usually widely used to relieve sleepiness, both for young people and the elderly. They don’t enjoy coffee so they don’t play when there are many tasks at hand, but there are also people who consume coffee so they don’t face them doing their work or just enjoying the night. Yes, according to many people coffee eliminates sleepiness, so many people consume coffee which not only enjoys the taste but also accompanies the night in completing deadlines

So, how does coffee overcome a person’s sleepiness? The substance that causes coffee to relieve sleepiness is caffeine. According to the caffeine in coffee can stimulate our central nervous system. However, before that, caffeine will first pass through the epithelial tissue, lining of the mouth, throat, stomach, and bloodstream. After the nervous system is stimulated by caffeine, blood pressure will rise and the heart will be faster. Then, the mood of the body will improve, and be more energetic. This is the reason why coffee is considered to relieve sleepiness. Although it is actually more accurately referred to as the cause of making the body’s mood rise rather than eliminating sleepiness.

According to research from the Academy of Sleep Medicine, coffee can only eliminate sleepiness for 5 hours. But it’s okay, my friend, we can work on the 5 hour deadline. Eitss, this coffee is not absolutely able to overcome drowsiness in everyone, you know, there are some people who will still face it even though they have drunk coffee. Who are they? People who have difficulty digesting caffeine, people who have trouble sleeping, and people who are sensitive to caffeine, they are not able to keep building even after drinking coffee. So, drink enough coffee and adjust it to your body condition, dear.

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