Robusta Coffee

Robusta coffee from Karpilo Agro has 12% Humadity

Robusta coffee is indeed one type of coffee that is very much in demand by the people of Indonesia and the world community.  Robusta coffee, which has many benefits, is not only processed into drinks but also processed food ingredients such as cakes and so on.  Karpilo ​​Agro, which is located in West Sumatra, which has many coffee factories, especially Robusta coffee, certainly wants to share the enjoyment of coffee with all levels of society, both Indonesian people and the world community.

Karpilo ​​Agro, which owns the main warehouse directly in West Sumatra, has coffee farmers and coffee factories that are directly supervised in the process of making robusta coffee, ranging from green beans, roasted, to powder which is in great demand by the public.  Our robusta coffee processing is a natural process because the coffee produced is of higher quality.  We also measure the water content in robusta coffee green beans with a tool so that the results are more accurate.  We also discussed with the Tanah Datar Regency Agriculture Office and shared about coffee.

Our green coffee beans have humadity between 11.8% -12% so if we average the humadity is 12% which we measure directly from the coffee beans we have so that the coffee we sell is really real and in accordance with the needs of the community.

We are so ready to help meet the needs of the community, both domestically and internationally, in enjoying coffee, especially during this covid19 pandemic because Robusta coffee can help increase the body’s immunity so that it becomes stronger in carrying out daily activities.

West Sumatra Robusta Coffee

For the West Sumatra region, Robusta coffee plantations are indeed very large, up to 20,000 hectares. And the Robusta coffee production is also spread in domestic and international markets. Through Karpilo ​​Agro, West Sumatran robusta coffee is ready to meet the coffee needs of the world community, who on average always consume coffee in their daily activities, from morning to night.

Robusta coffee from Karpilo ​​Agro is still natural, comes directly from farmers, and is processed traditionally without chemicals, of course, it will be very good for consumption by the body and will certainly provide greater benefits for the health of the body. Robusta coffee from Karpilo ​​Agro which is indeed well cultivated is picked by farmers and processed in the best way without the addition of chemicals. Be a smart coffee connoisseur by always prioritizing quality and health.