Coffee is Also Useful For Facial Skin Beauty

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Coffee, which is the most popular drink in the world, turns out to not only have benefits if consumed, even coffee is also beneficial for the skin if used as a mask or applied to the skin. In fact, the world’s population who consumes a lot of coffee has been proven based on a survey that 8 out of 10 humans consume coffee in their daily lives, it turns out that many people also use coffee to treat beauty.

Wow, is it possible? It turns out my friend, as revealed in that coffee contains substances in the form of carbohydrates, glycosides, minerals, amino acids, protein, caffeine, aliphatic acid / carboxylic acid, trigoneline, chlorogenic acid and many others. Besides being able to nourish the body, all of these ingredients also have the ability to nourish the skin because coffee also has benefits for the skin, especially on the face.

So don’t be surprised if we meet many people, especially women who use coffee as a face mask. There are even many salons and spas that use coffee as a face mask, you know

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