Do You Know, Green Robusta Coffee Beans Can Be For Diet

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West Sumatera's Coffee

Coffee is indeed very liked by many people, from children to parents who like coffee. Many people who start their activities in the morning have to drink coffee first, they are even willing to queue to get coffee even though the price is quite fantastic. Even at the desk, coffee is the best friend in carrying out daily activities. But it turns out that what most people consume is not just roasted coffee, you know, it turns out that green coffee beans are also consumed by most people.

Green Robusta Coffee Beans

Green robusta coffee beans are coffee beans that have not been roasted, that’s why the coffee beans are still green. Green coffee beans are obtained when the coffee beans are taken from the tree, then peeled without roasting. That’s green coffee beans that have many benefits for the human body.


As a human being who does have a lot of activities, being overweight is a very disliked thing, although there are also many people who are overweight but are still successful in their careers. But normally humans still want to have an ideal body weight so that they can carry out their activities optimally. In terms of health, people who have excess body rice/obesity tend to be more susceptible to disease.

Lose Weight/Diet With Green Robusta Coffee Beans

Coffee contains chlorogenic acid compounds which are rich in antioxidants and play a role in weight loss. Green coffee beans and those that have been roasted all contain chlorogenic acid compounds, but coffee beans that have not been roasted or green coffee beans have higher levels of chlorogenic acid compounds. So when the coffee beans have been roasted, the levels of chlorogenic compounds are reduced. The chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans will play a role in blocking the production of new fat cells in the body. It can also burn fat in the body. So you can lose weight

West Sumatra Coffee

Green Coffee Beans From West Sumatera

For now, the demand for green coffee beans is quite high both domestically and abroad. Indonesia is also one of the largest coffee exporting countries in the world because robusta coffee from Indonesia has high quality. West Sumatra is a producer of robusta coffee which is quite a lot in Indonesia, even in the area of ​​West Sumatera there is a village called “Coffee Village” which can provide the best coffee for everyone.

Including green beans Robusta coffee originating from West Sumatra is quite famous for its high quality. By consuming green coffee beans from West Sumatra, you can lose weight well and have ideal body weight. However, it is highly recommended to consume green coffee beans, don’t overdo it, my friend, especially for those who have certain diseases, it is highly recommended to consult with a doctor first. I hope we are all healthy, my friend.

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